Chicago’s airports extra busy for the official start of summer

Over 1.67 million passengers are expected to travel through O’hare and Midway through Tuesday. Airlines are predicting an 8.6 percent increase in travel compared to last year. O’Hare is expected to see a 10 percent increase over last year and a 3.1 percent increase at Midway. Today is expected to be the busiest day at both airports.

Airlines are struggling to keep flights on time heading into the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but at least cancellations have been relatively modest so far. The big test comes Friday, which is expected to be the busiest day of the weekend for air travel. The Transportation Security Administration predicts nearly 3 million people will pass through airport checkpoints Friday, which could threaten the record of 2.9 million, set on the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year. Even more people will be on the roads. AAA says about 38 million of the 44 million people who are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home this weekend will go by vehicle.


Will ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ Maintain Its Fury as Chicago Film Critic Nick D’s Top Pick of the Year?

Host of the Nick D Podcast & That Show Hasn’t Been Funny In Years Nick Digilio joins Andrea Darlas on the Steve Cochran Show to delve into his experience working with Roy Leonard, the funniest “SNL” character break moments, and he shares the distinction between Mad Max: Fury Road versus Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. 

PM Chicago (5/23) – A Final Look at the End of Session + the Cicada Season Has Begun

On this episode of PM Chicago with Bret Gogoel: Greg Bishop, Associate Editor for The Center Square and @BishopOnAir, joins from Springfield to give us a final look at the end of session. Kim Gordon speaks with Joel Reiser, Organizer of the “Illinois Cicada Watch” Facebook page, about the cicada craze. Plus, more arguments over Shotspotter in City Council, and Caleb Williams is making his way to a White Sox game.


The Closing Bell (5/23) – Buying New Builds + Unprecedented Memorial Day Travel Times

On today’s edition of The Closing Bell with Bret Gogoel:  Dru Wischhover, President and CEO of Inspired Title Group in Palos Heights, joins the show for his bi-weekly visit, this time talking buying homes with cash and what to know about new builds. ABC’s Alex Stone has the stats on what is likely going to be the busiest Memorial Day travel weekend in recent history. Plus, a dentist tries a new approach to make the office cool. 


Illinois among several states suing Live Nation over high ticket prices

The Justice Department has filed a sweeping antitrust lawsuit against Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation Entertainment, accusing them of running an illegal monopoly over live events in America and driving up prices for fans. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in New York and was brought with 30 state and district attorneys general. The suit seeks to break up the monopoly they say is squeezing out smaller promoters and hurting artists. The Justice Department accuses Live Nation of a slew of practices that allow it to maintain a stronghold over the live music scene. Live Nation has denied that it engages in practices that violate antitrust laws.


TV Screens to Broadway Scenes: ‘Golden Girls: The Laughs’ Takes Chicago by Storm

Tune in to the Steve Cochran Show for a special chat with Vince Kelley, portraying Blanche, and Christopher Kamm, embodying Sophia, from Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue. They delve into the transformation process of embodying these iconic characters, why the show remains a generational phenomenon, and what they hope audiences will take away from the experience.

WLS 100: Garry Meier

The WLS’ 100th anniversary celebration continues with the iconic Chicago radio veteran Garry Meier on the Steve Cochran Show. They delve into everything that’s going wrong in Chicago politics, why travelers are always caught off guard by heavy Memorial Day traffic, and Garry’s most cherished moments at WLS AM.

Reintroducing the Classic Cat to a New Generation: Garfield Returns to Remind Everyone Why Mondays Still Suck

Academy Award Nominee & Writer of the new ‘The Garfield Movie’ Writer, and ‘Finding Nemo’ David Reynolds joins Andrea Darlas on the Steve Cochran Show to delve into how improv comedy has influenced his writing, whether he envisions specific actors while creating characters, and the process of reintroducing Garfield to a new generation.

Journey of Resillence: Holocaust Survivor Janet Singer Applefield’s Story of Courage

Holocaust survivor Janet Singer Applefield joins Andrea Darlas on the Steve Cochran Show to discuss to share her inspiring journey detailed in her book “Becoming Janet: Finding Myself in the Holocaust.”She also opens up about the emotional experience of reuniting with her rescuers and emphasizes the importance of educating future generations about the Holocaust.

PM Chicago (5/22) -Women’s Sports Funding in Stadium Deals +  Suburban Mayors Ask for a Cut

On this episode of PM Chicago with Bret Gogoel: the Daily Herald’s Eric Peterson joins Bret to discuss suburban mayors who are requesting a larger share of income tax. Bret then speaks with Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune Reporter, who looks at how women’s sports could be included in funding a new Bears stadium. Plus, Nick Gale shares audio and reporting from the DNC press walkthrough earlier in the day.


The Closing Bell (5/22) – A Legal Battle at Graceland & Examining Meta’s AI System

On today’s edition of The Closing Bell with Bret Gogoel: ABC’s Jason Nathanson has the details on a new biopic causing a stir amongst  the Trump campaign and a legal battle surrounding Graceland. Heather Kelly, Washington Post Technology Help Desk reporter, explains how Meta is using AI to gather news. Plus, it’s going to be harder to get a promotion (or a raise) in 2024.


The Portillo’s in Elmhurst closed today after a SWAT standoff

The Portillo’s in Elmhurst is closed today after a nearly two hour swat standoff this morning. Police say it was a domestic dispute between and a man and a woman in a relationship that were part of a three person cleaning crew working inside the restaurant. Police say while they were cleaning the man attacked his partner with a knife. Both women escaped the building but one of the women was injured. The man was found unresponsive with a self-inflicted injury, according to police.


Has Mayor Brandon Johnson Gone Rogue?

Paul Vallas joins the Steve Cochran Show to reflect on Mayor Brandon Johnson’s first year in office. They delve into Mayor Johnson’s approach to the migrant crisis, why the Mayor should reconsider his stance on ShotSpotter, and he grades how Mayor Johnson is handling the Chicago Public Schools. 

PM Chicago (5/21) – Strong Storms and Bring Chicago Home

Today on PM Chicago, Bret Gogoel interviews Roberter Garner, emerita professor of sociology at DePaul University, on why Bring Chicago Home failed. Chicago Meteorologist Rick Dimaio warns on another round of strong storms tonight. Plus, the new title for Naperville. 


Teens still need to be accompanied by an adult at some Chicago Parks

The curfew banning unaccompanied minors from Millennium and Maggie Daley Parks on weekend evening remains in effect this summer. Teens under the age of 18 must be with someone over the age of 21 to enter the park after 6pm. The rule is in effect Thursday through Sunday and includes free special events. Mayor Johnson says the policy does not align with his vision but the Mayor’s office declined to comment to Block Club Chicago on whether or not they plan to repeal the policy. The curfew was put in place by former Mayor Lori Lightfoot in 2022 after a 16 year old was shot and killed near the Bean sculpture.