John Howell: Essential Cuts (01/30) – Blinken in Israel and PPP Loan Fraud in Chicago

*Jordana Miller, ABC News Jerusalem, reports on Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Israel. 

*The Suntimes’ Frank Main discusses the PPP loans that were misrepresented in Chicago.

*POLITICO’s Jonathan Martin shares his thoughts on the Democrats who may step up as Biden steps down in the party. 

*Plus, we discuss the passing of Bobby Hull, and Nick Kindelsperger goes through the list of Chicagoan semifinalists for the James Beard award.


Mayoral Candidates Face Challenges with Chicago Public Schools

Union battles, declining enrollment, and empty schools have haunted Lori Lightfoot’s term as mayor and whoever becomes the next mayor of Chicago will continue to face challenges with CPS and the CTU. Chicago Tribune Reporter A.D. Quig covers Cook County and City Hall, and she joins John Howell to talk about the challenges that the next mayor will face.


What Does the Memphis Video Reveal?

Memphis, Tennessee city officials released the disturbing footage of the fatal confrontation between Tyre Nichols and Memphis police officers. Brad Garrett, ABC News Crime and Terrorism Analyst, joins John Howell to discuss what the footage reveals about the encounter and how it affects the police force nationwide.


Patrick Mahomes’ improvisation defeats the Cincinnati Bengals – Kansas City Chiefs & Philadelphia Eagles are heading to Super Bowl LVII

NBC 5 Sports Mike Berman joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about how Patrick Mahomes’ improvisation helped the Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals, why the Philadelphia Eagles are favored to win the Super Bowl, and whether Brock Purdy should be able to start as Quarterback for the 49ers next season. 

Motivation to Move Monday with Phenomenal Fitness’ Sean Armstead: Focus on strength training to improve your quality of life

Co-owner of Phenomenal Fitness Sean Armstead joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about how strength training may enhance your quality of life and he also explains why you should stop training for aesthetics and start focusing on improving the functions of your muscles.

Sean also shares easy at-home workouts you can do to improve your ability to do everyday activities!

John Howell: Essential Cuts (01/27) – Mayoral Rivalries and Building Trust in the Media

*Craig Wall, ABC 7 Political Reporter, has the details on the latest mayoral forum. 

*Alee Quick, Civic Marketing Manager for the News Literacy Project, explains how building public trust in the media is essential to democracy. 

*ABC News’ Alex Stone has the details on the Paul Pelosi call and footage that were released today. 

*Plus, Doug Cummings explains why he updated his book, “Escaping the O-Zone.”


A Pinocchio-style George Santos Bobblehead, Unveiled

You can find bobbleheads of nearly anything these days…even congressmen. Phil Sklar, Co-Founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, joins the John Howell show to discuss their brand new George Santos bobblehead and what else they have at the museum.


John Howell: Essential Cuts (01/26) – Situational Ethics and Vice Presidents CAN Declassify Documents

*Rep. Daniel Didech from IL District 59 joins the show to talk about being named chair of the House Gaming Committee. 

*Kim Komando has the latest tech stories of the week, including “woke” Xboxes and TVs that are spying on us all. 

*Colby Hall from Mediaite explains that Vice Presidents CAN, in fact, declassify documents. 

*Plus, ABC News’ Anne Flaherty talks about the possibility of a yearly COVID vaccine, similar to the flu.


What is Place-based Resentment, and How Does it Affect Southern Illinois?

“Place-based resentment” is the feeling that rural areas are ignored, fundamentally misunderstood, and disrespected by lawmakers and cityfolks. Residents in Southern Illinois are speaking out against Pritzker after his victory in the gubernatorial election, even though they have not been ignored by the state legislature. John Howell speaks with Ted McClelland, Author and Contributor at Chicago Magazine. 


John Howell: Essential Cuts (1/25) – Mayoral Economic Plans & Tom Brady’s Future

*Dave McKinney of WBEZ details the economic plans released by each of the Chicago mayoral candidates.

*Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent Mike Emanuel discusses the latest on the classified documents scandals.

*Evan Bleier of InsideHook tries to discern Tom Brady’s future after he curses out the host of a podcast.

*Plus, longtime political analyst Jeff Greenfield tells John that trying to predict the results of the 2024 election is a fool’s errand.


Whiskey from The M Room

The M Room is a first-of-its-kind concept from the teams behind Roka Akor and The Macallan. Jason Huffman, bar manager for The M Room, joins John Howell and Bret Gogoel to talk about some of the whiskey you can try at The M Room.


Davos Was a Miss

The World Economic Forum is attended by CEOs, lawmakers, presidents and prime ministers, but little news and little change comes out of the conference. Charles Gasparino, FOX Business Network Senior Correspondent & New York Post columnist joins the John Howell show to talk about the conference.


Around the House with Landmark Pest Management’s Rebecca Fyffe on the Steve Cochran Show

Can’t figure out why your pipes keep freezing or need help elevating your DIY home projects? Around the House with the Steve Cochran Show can answer all of your problematic remodeling questions!

This week’s expert on Around the House Landmark Pest Management’s Rebecca Fyffe offers advice on how to prevent pest-proof your house for 2023.

Around the House with The Steve Cochran Show Sponsored by Perma-Seal Basement Waterproofing Systems.