Japanese Theme Parks Ban Screaming on Roller Coasters

If you think coronavirus restrictions in the U.S. are tough, be thankful you don’t live in Japan. There, theme parks have banned screaming on roller coasters.

The move is part of an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, which can be transmitted via drops of fluid expelled when a person coughs, sneezes or makes a loud utterance — such as screaming.

While some people may find it difficult to refrain from crying out while pummeling down a narrow track at breakneck speeds, one of Japan’s parks has issued a video to show patrons how it’s done. The clip features two mask-wearing executives with Fuji-Q Highland silently sitting in a speeding roller coaster car. It ends with the following message: “Please scream inside your heart.”

Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/07/09/889394605/please-scream-inside-your-heart-japanese-amusement-park-tells-thrill-seekers


Big Bucks for New York Mets

Former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and actress Jennifer Lopez have offered up $1.7 billion to buy the New York Mets.

A-Rod and J-Lo put together a group to bid on the National League Team, which is being sold by the Wilpon family.

The bankers handling the sale had set a Thursday deadline for interested parties to submit a bid.

A-Rod and J-Lo were both born in New York City.

The New York Post also reports that the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils threw in a bid.

Source: https://nypost.com/2020/07/09/alex-rodriguez-and-jennifer-lopez-bid-has-proper-funding-to-buy-mets/


Space Suit Splurge

In case you have about $300,000 burning a hole in your wallet, you could be the proud owner of one of those most iconic costumes in movie history.

The space suit worn by actor Keir Dullea in 2001: A Space Odyssey is up for auction next week (July 17 & 18).

It’s one of about 900 items from Hollywood films and TV shows heading to auction in Beverly Hills.

Source: https://www.indiewire.com/2020/07/2001-a-space-odyssey-space-suit-sale-auction-1234572199/


“Tame” Tornado Months

Experts say May and June were unusually quiet for tornadoes in the U.S.

According to Accuweather, there were a total of 248 tornadoes, one of the lowest numbers in history.

Meteorologists say you can thank dry conditions and weather patterns for that.

But don’t forget these two ‘tamer’ months followed a devastating month in April, including 30 deaths over the Easter weekend in which the southeastern U.S. dealt with 140 tornadoes.

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/weather/2020/07/09/tornadoes-may-june-us-weather/5411683002/


Tropical Storm Fay threatens the East Coast

Tropical storm warnings have been issued in four eastern areas as Tropical Storm Fay makes its way to the U.S. coast.

Source: http://newjersey.news12.com/story/42349825/strong-coastal-storm-set-to-douse-new-jersey-with-heavy-rain-strong-winds-friday


UPDATE: Missing Seoul Mayor’s Body Found

The mayor of South Korea’s largest city has been found dead after a massive search.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/world/south-korea-seoul-mayor-body-found-park-won-soon


Bed Bath And Beyond To Close 200 Stores

Bed Bath and Beyond becomes the latest retailer to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

B,B and B is planning to close 200 stores over the next 2 years.

The announcement comes as Bed Bath and Beyond’s sales fell by nearly 50 percent last quarter.

Bed Bath and Beyond has nearly 1,000 locations nationwide.

Source: https://retailwire.com/bed-bath-beyond-plans-to-close-200-stores-over-next-two-years/


Biden Pitches $700 Billion ‘Buy American’ Campaign

Joe Biden wants the federal government to ‘Buy American’ in his latest presidential pitch.

The proposal would include a $400 billion increase in government purchasing of U.S.-made products, and $300 billion invested in research by U.S. tech companies.

During a speech Wednesday, Biden said “we need to build back, not just to where we were but build back better than we’ve ever been”.

Source: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/506507-biden-to-unveil-700b-jobs-plan-in-pennsylvania


3-Year-Old Girl Found Alone in Boat on California Lake

Authorities in Ventura County, California have a mystery on their hands after they found a 3-year-old girl alone in a boat, floating aimlessly on Lake Piru.

The girl was discovered Wednesday afternoon after the company that rented boat went out looking for it because it was overdue, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators say they’re operating under the assumption that an adult had gone overboard, leaving the girl alone. A dive team is being brought in to search for a possible drowning victim, sheriff’s officials say.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8505089/Naya-Rivera-missing-presumed-dead-four-year-old-son-boat.html


Stolen Car Vs. Stolen Car

Does this count as karma?

Police near Portland, Oregon arrested a man accused of stealing an SUV after he crashed into a woman, who had also stolen the car she was driving.

27-year-old Randy Lee Cooper took off speeding when he released police had spotted him. A few minutes later, he crashed the SUV into another car.

While investigating the crash, the cops figured out the car that was hit — had also been stolen.

Then, they arrested 25-year-old Kristin Nicole Begue, who was reportedly drunk.

Source: https://www.kron4.com/news/man-driving-stolen-car-crashes-into-woman-in-another-stolen-car/


Dreams Can Come True

He used to haul trash and clean dumpsters to help his family scrape by, and now he’s headed to Harvard Law School.

Rehan Staton was raised by his dad in Bowie, Maryland after his mom left when he was 8. He says growing up was tough, he wasn’t good at school and one teacher even suggested he switch to special education classes.

His dad worked three jobs but struggled to pay for food and bills. So Staton got a job as a sanitation worker to help.

While at the University of Maryland, Staton still went to work hauling trash before class. Sometimes he had to race to class without taking a shower.

“I would have to sit on the side of class and try not to bother anybody with my scent that day”.

That certainly didn’t stop him — he went on to give the commencement speech at graduation and now he’s headed to Harvard Law school this fall.

Source: https://people.com/human-interest/24-year-old-student-collected-garbage-admitted-to-harvard-law-school/


“Glee” Actress Missing; Possibly Drowned

Actress Naya Rivera – best known for her role on the hit TV series Glee – is missing and may have drowned.

Police she rented a boat on Lake Piru in Ventura County, California with her 4-year-old son on Wednesday.

Several hours later, another boater spotted the boat drifting around with the young child asleep on board.

The 4-year-old was wearing a life jacket and told investigators he had gone swimming with his mom.

The 33-year-old actress played a cheerleader on Glee and then went on to release on her music.


Diving Catch Saves 3-Year-Old

You can probably call this the best catch of his life.

Dramatic video shows an ex-college football wide receiver catch a 3-year-old boy who was thrown off a burning third-story balcony in Phoenix.

28-year-old Phillip Banks says he ran outside of his apartment building when he heard a commotion.

He saw an apartment fully engulfed in flames and a woman ready to toss her son to another man standby nearby.

Blanks says he didn’t even hesitate and got to the boy just as the mother screamed ” Grab him!”

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2020/07/09/child-dropped-balcony-fire-football-player-burning-building/


12-year-old Invents Device That Helps Prevent Hot Car Deaths

A 12-year-old girl has invented a device that will prevent hot car deaths. Lydia Denton wanted to do something about all of the babies that were dying from being left in hot cars, so she came up with a solution.

A device that would work with a pressure pad under the car seat cover, which can sense weight over 5 pounds. When a baby is in the seat, the system starts itself up and monitors the temperature. Once the temperature reaches 102 the seat sets off an alarm and displays a warning on the LCD monitor. A text is sent to the parent’s phone, if no response within 60 seconds, 911 is messaged with a GPS locator that sends the address to emergency services.

Denton’s invention won CITGO’s Fueling Education Student Challenge and received a $20,000 prize which Denton plans to save for college, she did however take out $100 for a shopping trip.

Lydia says she has other inventions swimming around in her head, namely something to help those with allergies before they get out of hand and cause medical emergencies.

Source: https://people.com/human-interest/12-year-old-girl-creates-car-seat-device-prevent-hot-car-deaths/


Chicago Blackhawks won’t change name

The Chicago Blackhawks professional hockey team says changing their name is out of the question.

“The Chicago Blackhawks name and logo symbolizes an important and historic person, Black Hawk of Illinois’ Sac & Fox Nation, whose leadership and life has inspired generations of Native Americans, veterans and the public.”

USA Today reports the NHL team’s statement Tuesday went on to say, “We celebrate Black Hawk’s legacy by offering ongoing reverent examples of Native American culture, traditions and contributions, providing a platform for genuine dialogue with local and national Native American groups. As the team’s popularity grew over the past decade, so did that platform and our work with these important organizations.”

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/08/us/chicago-blackhawks-name-spt-trnd/index.html


United plans to cut 45% of US workforce

Saying that it’s facing the biggest crisis in company history, United Airlines has announced plans to furlough 45% of its US workforce. That’s nearly 36,000 employees.

United received funds through the CARES Act’s Payroll Support Program; so, any layoffs would have to wait until Oct. 1.

The move follows other cost-cutting measures, including frozen executive pay and hiring freezes, ABC News reports. And 3,700 workers have already volunteered to take separation packages.

October’s planned cuts include 2,250 pilots and more than 15,000 flight attendants.

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/07/08/united-airlines-layoff-up-36-000-employees-october-coronavorus-fallout/5396857002/


Owning a Dog Is Good for You, Says New Research

According to new research, owning a dog is good for you both physically and mentally.

Scientific Reports say that owning a dog can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease due to physical activity while walking a dog.

In addition, having a dog around can help prevent depression by increasing levels of neurochemicals in the brain linked to bonding and positivity.

During the lockdown due to the pandemic, many are reaping the benefits of turning to a man’s best friend during these difficult times.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/uk/health/a33247405/owning-a-dog-is-good-for-you/


Meet the dog making social distant deliveries on his own

Meet Eros! The 8-year-old chocolate lab who’s helping residents in Medellin, Colombia practice social distancing by making doggy-deliveries.

Eros make runs several times each day, toting a straw basket filled with fruits, vegetables and packaged food – grabbing the basket handle with his mouth.

The AP reports El Porvenir mini-market owner Maria Natividad Botero says Eros makes deliveries on his own – having learned the names and locations of customers with the help of some tasty treats.

She also admits Eros was begrudgingly accepted into the family at first – at the pleading of her son – but they all quickly fell in love the then puppy.

Source: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Labrador-helps-Colombian-store-to-keep-distancing-15393788.php


Stocks close higher Wednesday

Wall Street ended up in mid-week trading Wednesday, as Apple and Amazon hit records.

Airline shares fell on news that United Airlines plans to furlough 45% of its workforce in October.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/08/twitter-stock-rises-more-than-8percent-on-potential-subscription-platform.html


Lightfoot zings Trump over school funding threat

Trump’s vow to cut off funding to schools that don’t reopen with in-class instruction has Mayor Lightfoot saying local school districts know best what is safest for teachers and students. And she zinged Trump for going against traditional Republican thinking. She said Republicans usually defend local control.The mayor said CPS will be announcing what she called “cautious conditioning work” on how it will reopen public schools here in Chicago. bc