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Michael Goodwin on Andrew Cuomo’s bomb false alarm, plus his appearance on CNN

Big John, Ramblin’ Ray, and NY Post author Michael Goodwin discusses the latest news stories. With the bombs that are being found addressed to political leaders, and the insensitive comments that have been made comparing it to 9-11. Plus his latest article in the New York Post, Liberals won’t admit Trump was right about migrant caravans.

2 detained after gas canisters found near Paris’ Notre Dame

By Lori Hinnant, Associated Press

(PARIS) Police officials say a terrorism investigation is underway after a car parked near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was found with seven gas canisters inside.

Police said Wednesday that the car discovered Sunday morning along the Seine River with its hazard lights on had no license plates and no one inside. Six canisters filled with gas were found in the trunk and an empty one in the car.

An official says the couple that owned the car has been taken into custody.

France is on alert after a string of Islamic State attacks and threats against landmarks.

Gas canisters filled with nails were used in attacks on Paris in the 1990s by Algeria-linked extremists.
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Explosives found in Berkeley home, destroyed in nearby quarry

(BERKELEY) Live explosives were found in a home Monday in west suburban Berkeley, authorities said.

Crews from Berkeley and the Cook County Sheriff’s Bomb Disposal Unit responded to a Berkeley home sometime before 8 p.m. and found what they believed to be homemade explosives, officials said.

The explosives were later determined to be real, officials said.

Crews were given permission to take the devices to the Elmhurst Stone Quarry in DuPage County, where they were destroyed safely in two separate detonations, according to the village of Elmhurst.

Berkeley officials could not immediately be reached Tuesday to provide further details.