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What have we learned today with Big John & Ramblin’ Ray? (9-5-18)


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray recap today’s show with ‘What did we learn today?’ a segment where they comment on what they’ve learned from the show. As well as asking Executive Producer Tony Lossano, Technical Producer Michael Garay, and Associate Producer Kimberly Kaczmarek what they’ve learned. Today’s show covered Rahm Emanuel’s comments on how he won’t run for a third term as Chicago’s Mayor, and Bill Woodward’s book that Donald Trump calls a ‘bad book’.


Gary Busey: ‘Buseyisms: Gary Busey’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth’


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray interviewed Gary Busey about his new book ‘Buseyisms: Gary Busey‘s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth’, which went on sale September 4th. It’s a unique book that combines his words of wisdom– “Buseyisms”– and celebrity stories.

Pick up your copy of his book at garybusey.com