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Drake made a birthday wish come true for Downers Grove girl at Lurie Children’s Hospital

11-year-old girlĀ Sofia Sanchez asked Drake to visit her on her birthday while she awaits a heart transplant. Sofia saw her birthday wish come true when the three-time Grammy Award winner stopped by her hospital room Monday.

He mother Natalie Sanchez says she’s been listening to Drake’s music during her seven-week stay at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago while she waits for a new heart.

Sofia’s favorite Drake song, “God’s Plan,” has been especially inspiring to the fan who turned 11 on Saturday.

“That actually has been a big influence for her. She would say, ‘God has a plan for me, too,’ just like his song,” Natalie Sanchez said Thursday. “She loved how he was giving back to the community. She just thinks he’s a great guy.”

Sofia finally got to meet her idol when Drake visited her Monday. “Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball,” Drake said in the first of two emoji-filled Instagram posts, which garnered a total of over 1.5 million likes.

Sofia was recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that can lead to heart failure. She had open heart surgery a few weeks ago and is now on the waitlist for a heart transplant, a process that can take up to six months.

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