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Jeanne Ives – “All the politicians want to do right now is kick the can down the road”

Jeannie Ives joins Big John & Ramblin’ Ray on the eve of Politics and a Pint. She responds to comments made by both Bruce and Diana Rauner, and tells what she thinks needs to happen to fix Illinois. Those with tickets can see Jeanne Wednesday night at Politics and a Pint at Maggiano’s in Naperville.

Rep. Jeanne Ives: “Neither one has addressed the $10 billion pension borrowing scam”


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray have their ‘Politics and a Pint’ special guest, Illinois House of Representatives for the 42nd district Jeanne Ives, who joins them in talking politics, from Illinois’ Governor’s race to the Chicago’s mayoral race.


Get your chance to meet, listen, and talk politics, all while having a pint, with John, Ray, and Jeanne Ives Wednesday, September 19th at Maggiano’s in Naperville!

There’s limited seating capacity, so be sure RSVP your spot at wlsam.com.