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What did we learn today with Big John an Ramblin’ Ray? (10-8-18)

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray recap the Van Dyke trail before going into ‘what have we learned today’. Today we learned the perks of being young on Columbus Day, how hot it is gonna be today, and how you should look in your wallet more often.


Chris Southwood, Illinois FOP President: “(Van Dyke) was doing what he was trained to do that night”

Chris Southwood, President of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, recounts the recent events of the Jason Van Dyke trial with Big John & Ramblin’ Ray. Chris claims that Van Dyke was doing what he was trained to do when he encountered Laquan McDonald. Southwood also believes that the video created by the defense helps to prove the validity in Van Dyke’s decision to shoot.

Brian Warner, Former Chicago Cop: “You cannot dispute the fact that (Laquan McDonald’s) travel was toward Officer Van Dyke”

Former Chicago Cop Brian Warner tells Big John & Ramblin’ Ray that the video released by Jason Van Dyke’s defense team proves that Laquan McDonald was a threat. Warner also believes that the pattern of shots that took McDonald down proves that his path was towards Van Dyke.

Kevin Graham, FOP President: “(The prosecution’s) case is based on one video”

The President of the Fraternal Order of Police Kevin Graham shares his opinions on the Jason Van Dyke trial with Big John & Ramblin’ Ray. Graham touches on the state of moral within the CPD, why he is not surprised that the prosecution may be ready to rest its case already, and his response to Jeff Session’s criticism.