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What have we learned today with Big John and Ramblin’ Ray? (9-4-18)


Big John and Ramblin’ Ray recap today’s show with ‘What did we learn today?’ a segment where they comment on what they’ve learned from the show. As well as asking Executive Producer Tony Lossano, Technical Producer Michael Garay, and Associate Producer Kimberly Kaczmarek what they’ve learned. Today’s show covers Nike’s new campaign with Colin Kaepernick, Coca-Cola Co. paying $5.1 billion for British coffee-shop chain Costa, and Ray learns who’s birthday it is today.

Brawl breaks out at birthday party; Norridge residents want business closed

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray cover a large brawl that broke out at Go Bananas, an indoor family theme park in Norridge, on Saturday.

Norridge police say it was after 6:30 p.m. on Saturday when two groups of people started arguing.

“Some people weren’t comfortable with some other people in the establishment,” Police chief David Disselhorst said. “Words were exchanged.”

Cell phone video of the incident showed several customers kicking and punching one another.  A woman was slammed on the floor and someone threw trash can on top of her.  Another woman grabbed a mop and swung it like a baseball bat at the crowd.


One man was found bleeding from his head after he was trying to break up the fight. He didn’t press charges.

Norridge residents started an online petition demanding that the business be closed. So far it’s been signed by more than 3,000 people.

The Steve Dahl Show – April 17, 2018 – Sample

Brendan finally receives his bedding from Janet courtesy of a flustered Steve. The Chicago weather leaves Dag pondering ruefully and Steve is over it, already! Stever recaps the Dahl family birthday dinner crisis.

Recently on Sirott and Murciano (Special Cohn and Bradley edition) – 7/13/2017

Lauren Cohn and WGN-TV’s Ben Bradley sits in for Bob and Marianne and chats with the stars of Something Rotten: The Musical,  Andrew Santino comedian and star of Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, Navy Pier’s 101st birthday  celebration, Krispy Kreme’s 80th birthday celebration, Radio Flyer’s 100th birthday celebration, plus more!