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“17 folks think they wanna be Mayor? There’s no way you can poll at this point”

Big John and NBC5’s Mary Anne Ahern recap last night’s debate with Bruce Rauner and J.B. Pritzker, and a look into Chicago’s mayoral race.

Check out Mary Anne Ahern on NBC 5 with the latest on Illinois’ governor’s race and Chicago’s mayoral race.


Batavia school board member’s Facebook comment after transgender debate called a threat

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray cover Batavia high school, as a woman says that board member John Dryden threatened her and other parents with a comment he made about them on his Facebook page.

Kelly Sullivan of Batavia said she filed a police report Wednesday, the day after a school board meeting where she and two other parents criticized how the district handled a situation involving a transgender student’s use of the sixth-grade girl’s locker room and restrooms at Rotolo Middle School.


Dryden posted on Facebook:  “Sometimes School Board meetings are like Mr. Toad’s wild ride. (Enjoy it on BATV.) You can watch me try really hard not to launch myself over the table and strangle an anti-transgender lynch mob. The Board Comments at the end are worth listening to. Cheers Batavia — let’s move ahead, not backwards …”

In an interview, Sullivan said the board was rude to the parents and Dryden’s Facebook comment was a threat. With many commenters, on Dryden’s page accusing the parents of bigotry and discrimination.

“I certainly did not threaten anybody,” Dryden said Friday. “I cannot and would not.”

He stands by his comment. “I watched a lot of people throw a middle school kid under the bus,” he said.

He said the parents’ comments upset him so much he briefly left the board room. And he reiterated his stance in a statement late Friday afternoon.

“In a disappointing turn of events, their bullying tactics are now directed at me,” he wrote. “While I find this sort of thing distasteful, I would much rather their anger and angst be focused on me than directed towards an innocent middle school child.”

Speakers at Tuesday’s meeting said parents and students should have been told ahead of time that a transgender student — a boy biologically who identifies as female — would be using those facilities.

Federal law does not require letting the transgender student use the female facilities and other schools have offered a separate facility for transgender students or have curtained off an area of the locker room for students who wish to change in private. According to district communications coordinator Sue Gillerlain, the locker room has three privacy stalls and a single-user women’s restroom outside the locker room where girls also can change.

The board’s response, she said, indicates it doesn’t care for all students’ privacy.

But Superintendent Lisa Hichens said the district is following legal advice and its own equal opportunity policy. Privacy laws preclude the district from telling parents or other students personal information about another student, she said.

It’s not the first time Dryden has been in the spotlight. When he was a social studies teacher at Batavia High School, he was disciplined by the board in 2013 for advising students they had the right not to incriminate themselves while answering a school survey about drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and their emotions. He was ordered to not give students legal advice and to stop being sarcastic and flip with students. He retired a year later and ran for school board in 2015.

Sullivan wrote to the school board Wednesday about Dryden’s comment, asking what it would do about it.

Board President Cathy Dremel reiterated that the board believes the district is acting legally and “has no role in monitoring individual member’s personal social media or the opinions shared in such a forum.”


Read more on DailyHerald.com.

John & Ray in 60 – 10-19-16

Are you watching the debate or the Cubs tonight? If it’s the debate, print this out and play along with us tonight. Or visit this website to #RateTheDebate!

Ernest Crim III joins the show to talk about his side of an altercation where a woman was caught using racial slurs.

James O’Keefe is back and caught some Democratic operatives on tape talking about using shady tactics against Trump.

Plus, a long time Cubs fan is shaving only half of his face until the Cubs win the World Series.

Voter Kenneth Bone is the true debate winner

[van id=”politics/2016/10/10/clinton-trump-debate-st-louis-ken-bone-sot.cnn”]

The pundits will argue over who won the presidential debate, but no will dispute that one man brought some levity to the debate, that man is uncommitted voter Kenneth Bone.

Donald Trump says he’ll skip the Fox Republican debate

By David Goldman, CNN
Donald Trump says he will not show up for the next Republican presidential debate, hosted by Fox News.

On Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning, Trump said he will instead be speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on March 21, which is the same night as the debate. AIPAC said Trump is confirmed to speak at its annual conference about American policies on Israel.

Trump claimed that he only recently found out about the debate, and he can’t cancel his speech.

“I’m making a major speech in front of a very important group of people,” Trump told Fox & Friends.

Trump said he would consider doing future debates, though he declined to commit.
“I think we’ve had enough debates,” Trump said. “How many times can you answer the same question?”

Fox News announced Monday that it will host the March 21 debate in Salt Lake City, but the debate had been penciled into the calendar in February. It will be the 13th debate of the Republican presidential primary contest.

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