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Dennis Rodman crashes Pearl Jam’s Chicago concert to talk politics

Pearl Jam continues to court political controversy, this time in Chicago where the band allowed former NBA star Dennis Rodman to take the stage and reportedly talk about North Korea to the crowd.

According to TMZ, the former Bulls star showed up to the band’s concert at PJ’s Wrigley Field on Saturday where he not only pontificated on North Korea, but also told concertgoers he thought they were the only ones who could understand his politics.

“You people here are the only people on this planet Earth [that] gave me support,” he says in the video below. “Thank all you guys!

The star continued with a promise to the city that when the day comes for him to die, he wants to be buried in Chicago.

Eddie Vedder took the stage back from him not long after and joked that he hoped that day would be as far away as possible.

Read more at Fox News, and check out the video below where he speaks at the concert: