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Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn thinks the White Sox are in position to make a comeback in the standings

Former Illinois Governor and White Sox superfan Pat Quinn joins the show to talk about the White Sox recent skid and why he thinks the Sox can make a comeback in the standings.  “We just got to hang in there,” Quinn said.  “Obviously, the Minors…you’re watching all these new, young guys doing well down there.  Maybe they’ll be coming up after the All-Star Break.”


Bill Cameron talks about the Illinois budget stalemate and funding for Chicago Public Schools.

Bill Cameron joins the show to talk about funding for the Chicago Public Schools and if Mayor Emanuel plans to ask Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan about a compromise with Governor Bruce Rauner.  “Nobody tells the Speaker what to do.  Are you kidding?,” Cameron said.  “He’s been in control so long and his loyal followers in the House back him up so much because he funds many of their campaigns that you don’t tell Mike Madigan what to do.”


Leland Vittert from FOXNews previews the President’s trip to the Middle East from Israel


Leland Vittert of FOXNews joins the show from Israel to talk about the visit President Trump is planning to take to the Middle East and how he may try to make progress on peace between Israelis and the Palestinians.   “The President has said this is the ultimate deal in the world to make,” Vittert said.  “It’s been extraordinarily elusive to every President who’s ever made a real run at it.  A lot of people would tell you that it’s not the Israelis that’s the issue.”

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow breaks down the new healthcare bill

CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow joins the show to talk about today’s deliberations over the new healthcare bill. “You have to separate the healthy from the sick,” Kudlow said. “The government, I think, has a responsibility to take care of the sick.”

“In a private exchange situation, just let the government finance the insurance for the so-called pre-existing people,” Kudlow said. “It’s simple.”

Earl the Mailman delivers HOT TAKES on the Chicago Bulls

Earl the Mailman joins the show to sound off some thoughts on Bulls’ head coach Fred Hoiberg and superstar Jimmy Butler. “Are they going to go get washed up guys like Dwyane Wade, who’s just old and slow?” Earl said.

Earl also isn’t sure that Jimmy Butler wants to stay in Chicago. “He doesn’t know what they want to do,” he said. “But he knows what he wants to do. He kinds of wants to stay but I think he wants to go and play for a winner.”

Alderman Ray Lopez wants to arm the Chicago police officers with higher powered weapons

15th Ward Alderman Ray Lopez joins the show to talk to his desire to give CPD officers higher powered rifles in response to the ambush shooting of police officers earlier this week. “I think this was absolutely shocking to me.” Lopez said. “I could barely contain the rage and frustration I felt that night when I was before the press.”

“Unfortunately, we see these weapons used by gang members in our community and against our community,” Lopez continued. “But the fact that they specifically turned their weapons, targeting these officers while they were doing their jobs.”

Naperville resident Leona Di Amore helped after a stabbing at the University of Texas

Leona Di Amore was at University of Texas when a stabbing happened at the University of Texas earlier this week and joins the show to talk about what drove her to jump into action as the events unfolded.

“First and foremost, my intuition that something was really not right,” Di Amore said. “Secondly, I think it’s a miracle. It’s a miracle that I decided to run out of a building and run to the opposite direction into a parking lot where there was this kid (who had been injured in the attack).”

Former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker breaks down James Comey’s Senate Hearing.

Former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker joins the show to talk about FBI Director James Comey’s appearance in front of Congress yesterday. “This is a very fascinating moment in history,” Whitaker opined. “Jim Comey demonstrated again the sort of type of public servant he is. He’s unaffected by partisan politics.”

“If we lived in Hillary Clinton’s world, the Atlanta Falcons would also be Super bowl Champions.” Whitaker suggested. “Hillary Clinton clearly is bitter about the results and the Trump Presidency. And probably can’t look in the mirror and have an honest conversation with herself.”

Whitaker is also the Executive Director of The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust.

Riverside-Brookfield teacher Jill Musil talks about the school’s decision not to renew her contract

Jill Musil is a teacher at Riverside-Brookfield High School and will not have her contract renewed after she encouraged her students to speak up after racist graffiti was found at the school.