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Eli Lake: The Saudis need to provide the U.S. with answers.

Big John and Ramblin’ Ray are joined by Eli Lake, columnist for the Bloomberg View, where they talk about his article ‘What Trump Can Do About Saudi Arabia‘, which is about the reporter Jamal Khashoggi who went missing. Now the Turkish police allege murder, and the Saudi government denies foul play.

Leland Vittert from FOXNews previews the President’s trip to the Middle East from Israel


Leland Vittert of FOXNews joins the show from Israel to talk about the visit President Trump is planning to take to the Middle East and how he may try to make progress on peace between Israelis and the Palestinians.   “The President has said this is the ultimate deal in the world to make,” Vittert said.  “It’s been extraordinarily elusive to every President who’s ever made a real run at it.  A lot of people would tell you that it’s not the Israelis that’s the issue.”