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Alderman Ray Lopez wants to arm the Chicago police officers with higher powered weapons

15th Ward Alderman Ray Lopez joins the show to talk to his desire to give CPD officers higher powered rifles in response to the ambush shooting of police officers earlier this week. “I think this was absolutely shocking to me.” Lopez said. “I could barely contain the rage and frustration I felt that night when I was before the press.”

“Unfortunately, we see these weapons used by gang members in our community and against our community,” Lopez continued. “But the fact that they specifically turned their weapons, targeting these officers while they were doing their jobs.”

Connected to Chicago – 04-02-2017

Alderman, Raymond Lopez (15th Ward) talks to Bill Cameron about the continuing problems of gang crime, drugs, guns, & unemployment in his ward. Alderman Lopes says social media is fueling the violence. The Alderman says that the root of the crime problem comes from the staggering unemployment in his ward. Alderman Lopez says that unemployment has risen to 70 percent among young men ages 18-24 in his ward, and addressing that problem would help to keep kids from getting involved in gangs and drug dealing.

The alderman hopes that President Trump would be able to provide help to change what the President has previously called, “sad a situation”. When asked about his opinions about President Trump, the alderman questioned if President Trump has the “mental faculties to judge himself objectively, without feeling like everything is a personal attack on him’… continuing “and that does not make for a good leader.”

Bill Cameron is joined by Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times to discuss the budget in Illinois, Chicago Public Schools, and the continued claims of Russian meddling in our government. Downtown (42nd Ward) Alderman Brandon Riley shares his thoughts about the Presidency with Bill Cameron.

Catherine Catalane talks with two local chefs, Didier Durand and Michael Sheerin as well as local restaurateur Kathryn Sullivan Alvera about the late chef Charlie Trotter and the statue going up in his honor.