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PAWS pet of the week: Trudi!

Are you looking for a social senior? Trudie is the girl for you! She’s a lovely six year old who is ready to binge watch movies all day with you. She loves a good nap and an ear scratch. Trudie loves getting to know dogs that are similar to her size and can often be found having play dates with select dogs at PAWS.

This friendly lady is looking for a quiet home to relax in. Trudie is not a fan of crowded areas with lots of people and dogs. She would do best in a home with family members 15 and older where she can lounge in her quite forever home. Trudie is dog friendly but prefers a formal introduction when getting to know a new friend.

PAWS pet of the week: Demi!


Demi is a sweet 6-year-old Pointer Mix who had a rough start before she came to PAWS Chicago. Poor Demi was in a critical state after injuring her back leg trying to climb a barbed wire fence. Demi needed two corrective surgeries to repair the damage and was in a lot of pain, but thankfully this strong girl pulled through. Demi spent a month in recovery at PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center where she received laser treatments, antibiotics, and special care for the medical staff. She is now ready to complete her story and find a home to call her own! Demi hopes to find a family that will love and spoil her endlessly.

For more information on Demi, who is currently spending time in a foster home, call 773-935-PAWS, or email [email protected].

PAWS pet of the week: Snacks!



Snacks is a sweet nine-year-old Beagle mix who is searching for a family to love.  Unfortunately, his previous owners did not provide the proper nutrition and exercise, so Snacks is extremely overweight.  He is hoping to shed a few pounds in his new home, so his ideal family will take him on regular walks and work to maintain his health.  Some of his favorite activities include running around the yard, looking out the window and cuddling with his humans.


For more information on Snacks, who is currently spending time in a foster home, call 773-935-PAWS, or email [email protected].

PAWS Pet of the Week: Karl

Karl is one handsome boy, and he hopes his good looks can help him find a family to call his own. This 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier can be a bit timid around strangers, but once he gets to know you, he loves to be petted and snuggled all day long. Despite his dapper looks, Karl loves to play, and turns into a huge goofball during playtime! When he’s not playing, Karl can be quite lazy, and enjoys stretching out in a sunny spot for a nap. Karl would do best in an active, adults-only home with an experienced owner who can continue his training. While he’s already mastered some tricks, this smart pup hopes to keep his brain busy by learning even more.

Karl, along with many other adorable dogs and cats, will be available for adoption today at noon at the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center, located at 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.  For more information call 773-935-PAWS or visit www.pawschicago.org.

Enjoy this video of Karl.

PAWS pet of the week: Brownie!


Brownie is a sweet and gentle 12-year-old Shepherd mix.  This golden girl is hoping to find a home where she can kick back and relax in the company of her human friends whenever her heart desires.  She makes a wonderful cuddle buddy and loves snuggling and napping next to her favorite humans. Although cuddling may be her fave, she still has some pep in her step and loves going for long strolls through the neighborhood and playing fetch with tennis balls.  This gorgeous bundle of love can’t wait to spend her days basking in the sunshine and enjoying playtime in her forever home!

Brownie is searching for a quiet, adults-only home where she is the only canine as she loves having all eyes on her!  She loves being the center of everyone’s attention and hopes she can soak up as much affection as her humans can offer.  Brownie is also super talented and has mastered a few commands.  She hopes to prove that mature ladies can still learn new tricks and would love to learn even more in the future!

For more information on Brownie, who is currently spending time in a foster home, call 773-935-PAWS, email [email protected],  or visit www.pawschicago.org.


PAWS pet of the week: Nina!


Nina is a beautiful Lab/Terrier mix who is looking for a family that loves adventure as much as she does. At 10-months-old, Nina loves to be out and about, whether that’s your morning jog or a car ride with the windows down!  Nina is an active girl who needs lots of exercise, and a backyard to play in would be a huge plus for her. Though she’s an energetic girl, Nina is a cuddle bug at heart and loves to be the center of everyone’s love and affection. When she’s not playing fetch or snuggling with her human friends, Nina is putting her brain to work in training class! She’s already mastered a few tricks, like sit, stay, and roll over, but she’s beyond exciting to learn even more! Nina is still learning how to be a lady on a leash, so she will need a confident and experienced owner who can help her become the best pup she can be!


Nina, along with many other adorable dogs and cats, will be available for adoption today at noon at the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center, located at 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.  For more information call 773-935-PAWS or visit www.pawschicago.org.

Live in the suburbs?  Meet several dogs and puppies this Saturday, July 21, at a special PAWS adoption event in Elmhurst. Visit the Petco on 199 S Route 83 from 12-3 p.m.  Visit the PAWS Chicago website to learn more!


PAWS pet of the week: Teddy & Sherman!

If you looked up the definition of “Best Friends” in the dictionary, you may just see a photo of Teddy and Sherman!  They are best pals and looking to find their third musketeer who will whisk them off their paws and show them what it feels like to be loved unconditionally!  This dynamic duo was adopted into a home where they remained for six years before being returned when their owner was no longer able to care for them. Teddy and Sherman have stuck together through thick and thin and have a bond that can never be broken!  Teddy and Sherman are such sweet and loving gentlemen who want nothing more than to be by their people. They love receiving affection and are also super great at giving affection too!
Teddy and Sherman are ready to live out their golden years in a home where they can snooze in a sunny spot, enjoy chewing on a tasty bone, and curl up next to their family when the day is through! Both Teddy and Sherman enjoy doing everything together including going for walks, napping, going for a nice car ride, and playing fetch until the sun goes down!  Sherman is a calm and gentle 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier King Charles Mix who loves playing with toys and enjoys eating meals next to his best friend. Teddy is a 10-year-old Cockapoo who enjoys going for walks and being told he’s a good boy. Twice the dogs equal twice the amount of love, tail wags, and slobbery kisses you’ll receive if you choose to add these handsome boys to your family!  Their adorable curly coats and sweet faces are sure to reel you in and make you fall head over heels for this pair of best buds.  If you feel like you could open your heart and home to these adorable pups, then you have to meet Teddy and Sherman!
Teddy & Sherman, along with many other adorable dogs and cats, will be available for adoption today at noon at the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center, located at 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.
Boogie on the beach at Castaways next Thursday, July 19 at PAWS Chicago’s pet-friendly Beach Party!  Human guests will sip cocktails, enjoy an auction & raffle, music, dancing and more! Canine companions will be treated to a doggie buffet and pet spa!  All proceeds will help PAWS save the lives of homeless animals in need.  Tickets are still available! Visit www.pawschicago.org/beachparty for tickets or more information!

PAWS Pet of the week: Dobby!



Dobby is a handsome 3-month-old Siamese kitten.  He is incredibly playful and happy.  Dobby likes to bounce around the house, attack his favorite mouse toys, and chase after the elusive red laser light.  His soft fur makes him extra cuddly and irresistible.


Dobby, along with dozens of other adorable kittens, puppies, dogs and cats, will be available for adoption this Saturday, July 7th, at PAWS Chicago’s Angels With Tails Winnetka adoption event from noon to 4 p.m.  PAWS, along with six other local animal rescues and shelters, will team up to bring adoptable animals to 38 beautiful storefronts and sidewalks in the heart of Winnetka along Lincoln Avenue, Elm Street, and Chestnut Street.  For more information, visit pawschicago.org or call 773-935-PAWS!

PAWS pet of the week: Juno!

If you enjoy being active and are looking for a loyal, playful, and affectionate doggy sidekick, Juno may be the girl for you! Her perky ears, gorgeous caramel coat, and big doe eyes combined with her vibrant personality makes her an absolute star!  She would love to find a best buddy who enjoys being out and about and going for a nice morning jog or mile-long walk.  Juno is very smart 1-year-old Retriever mix who loves showing off all the tricks she’s learning in training class.

She would do best as the only pet in an adult only home so she can be the center of everyone’s affection.  Juno needs a strong adopter with confident handling skills as she can get reactive when she sees other dogs on walks.  A home in a low traffic environment would be best so she can walk comfortably by her best human friend’s side.  Juno has so much love to give and she is extremely people oriented.  She’s not a fan of vacuums or thunder, but loves tennis balls and comfy blankets!  Juno has been with PAWS Chicago since November of 2017 and dreams of the day her new family will bring her home and love her until the end of time!  She will surely fill her forever home with tons of laughter, tail wags, and wet doggy kisses!

PAWS is committed to finding the perfect home for every animal in their adoption program. If you adopt Juno, not only will you get a lifetime of love, you will also receive a year of free Merrick Pet Care dog food and a free training consultation with a PAWS Chicago trainer. For more information visit pawschicago.org, call 773-935-PAWS or stop by the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center at 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue to meet her today!

Paws pet of the week: Webster!


Have a vacancy on one of your couch cushions and been dreaming of a little canine friend to fill it?  Webster might be your guy!  This sweet 7-year-old senior Chihuahua mix is very calm and is the perfect dog for a family who likes to lounge.  Webster recently spent time in a foster home and who reported that he is a sweet gentleman who loves to take it easy.  He has a silly bark that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Webster can be a little shy at first with new people but once he warms up he won’t want to leave your side!  While Webster loves his naps, he also would be happy to accompany you on a car ride or a nice stroll through the neighborhood.  Webster behaves very well on his leash and is ready to be your sidekick on journeys through the great outdoors.  He prefers quiet streets with low dog traffic since he is not a big fan of other dogs.  Webster loves the company of his people friends and would enjoy being curled up as close to his humans as possible.  Especially when it’s time to go to bed, cuddle time!  He has yet to meet a treat he doesn’t love.  Come scoop him up today!

Webster, along with many other adorable cats and dogs, is available for adoption at the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center, located at 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue in Lincoln Park. For more information call 773-935-PAWS, visit www.pawschicago.org or better yet, stop by the adoption center!


PAWS pet of the week; Osvaldo!


Osvaldo is a handsome 2-month-old Retriever/Lab mix and is cute as a button! He loves to romp around and play with stuffed toys and is a big fan of nap time. Osvaldo is very smart and eager to learn some new tricks in puppy obedience class. He’s ready to explore all Chicago has to offer and would love to be your co-pilot on road trips, strolls through the neighborhood, and lazy days relaxing on the couch! If you are ready to open your heart and home to a wonderful puppy like Osvaldo, come and meet him today!

Osvaldo will be available for adoption today at PAWS Chicago’s Spring Adopt-A-Thon! The Lincoln Park Adoption Center will have extended adoption hours in an effort to find homes for more than 100 puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats. The Spring adoption marathon is from 11:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. TODAY, Friday, April 20th and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. TOMORROW, Saturday, April 21st. For more information or to see all the homeless pets that will be available, please visit the PAWS Chicago website at www.pawschicago.org, or call 773-935-PAWS!