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CPD Officers caught sleeping, receive disciplinary action after photo goes viral

Photo of two Chicago police officers sleeping in a squad car has gotten a lot of attention on social media, prompting officials to take disciplinary action. The photo has also raised questions about officer safety and whether increased overtime is taking a toll on officers.

The photo was first posted Saturday morning on Facebook. It’s been shared more than 20,000 times since, including by mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green who blames the situation on mandatory overtime.

“Both of them, not one was out, both of them were asleep, they probably had a rough day, they may have done a lot of overtime and these are the effects of it,” Green said.

Green, who has been a vocal critic of the Chicago Police Department during his days as a community activist, said this one is on Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the decision to deploy 600 more officers to combat the recent surge in gun violence.

The Chicago Police  Department released the following statement about the photo:

Officer welfare, health and safety are among our highest priorities. The officers involved in this incident were not on an overtime initiative and worked minimal amounts of overtime since July 1st and didnt work overtime this week or weekend.


Read more on the story, and statements from Lori Lightfoot and CPS CEO Paul Vallas from WGN-TV.

Facebook video shows Chicago Police officer asleep on job

(CHICAGO) Chicago Police have launched an investigation after a police officer seemed to be sleeping on the job on the Southwest Side in a video posted to Facebook, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

In the video — shot in broad daylight at 63rd and Campbell streets — a man first pans to the intersection, then walks up to a police SUV to tape the officer.

“People get shot and killed at all the time. They just killed some shorty not too long ago,” the man says, narrating the video.

“Took his f—— phone and f—— life right there. I guess that’s what this young guy right here is supposed to be doing,” he says while walking to the SUV.

In the video, the officer appears to be sleeping, with his sunglasses and police vest on. He doesn’t budge when the man comes closer to the SUV to continue his recording.

The video was posted on Friday and has been viewed more than 720,000 times. It has been shared more than 25,000 times.

On Tuesday, the Chicago Police Department said it’s investigating.

“We are already aware of this video and this matter is under investigation, which may result in disciplinary action. From all appearances this incident is not in keeping with the high expectations placed on our officers by this department and the residents of Chicago — which is unacceptable,” spokesman Martin Maloney said in a statement.