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Willie Wilson: “My dollars are focused on the needy”


Ramblin’ Ray is in for Big John Howell as Lauren Cohn is in for Ramblin’ Ray, they have mayoral candidate Willie Wilson on to talk about this past weekend’s latest cash giveaway. Then they go into talking about how he was cleared of any wrongdoings with him giving away money and running for Mayor of Chicago.

It’s not just the U.K. These countries also have animal fat in their money

By Alanna Petroff
The U.K. isn’t the only country that’s using animal fat in plastic currency.
The central banks of Canada and Australia have confirmed to CNNMoney that their polymer bills also contain traces of animal fat.
The Bank of England admitted Monday that traces of tallow, derived from animal fat, can be found in the new British £5 notes that went into circulation in September.
The news prompted an immediate outcry from vegetarians and vegans, some of whom called on the central bank to stop using animal products in its currency.
“This is unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the U.K.,” read the text of an online petition that quickly attracted more than 90,000 signatures.
The firm that supplies the polymer plastic used in Britain’s £5 notes — Innovia Films — also supplies material used in polymer money in 23 other countries, including Canada and Australia.
Representatives at the Bank of England and Innovia Films said Tuesday they had only recently become aware of the issue.
Patricia Potts, a spokeswoman for Innovia Films, confirmed that a supplier had used tallow to help make the material more “anti-static.” She declined to name the supplier.
“They are looking to eliminate that, but obviously that will take time,” Potts said. “It’s a very difficult process.”
Potts said Innovia Films would never “knowingly add any animal ingredients into our products.”
Potts was not able to confirm that all 24 countries supplied by Innovia Films had animal fat in their notes. But she said it would be a “fair assessment.”
“You can assume it’s the same polymer,” she said.
Tallow is an waxy white fat that’s typically made from the kidneys and loins of cows, sheep and horses.
Central banks have been switching to polymer cash in recent years because the flexible material resists dirt and lasts longer than paper cash. It also allows for more robust security features.
Other countries that use polymer banknotes include Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria and Chile.

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Des Plaines woman charged in embezzlement scheme

(CHICAGO) A north suburban woman was charged Wednesday in an embezzlement scheme that allegedly stole more than $370,000 from Econocare, a Lincolnwood assisted living company she worked for.

Shawna Wolff-Geisler, 41, of Des Plaines was charged with a felony counts of continuing financial crimes enterprise and theft, according to a statement from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Wolff-Geisler was charged following an investigation initiated by the Lincolnwood Police Department and the financial crimes units of the Cook County sheriff’s police and Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office after she was terminated from the company in 2015, according to the statement.

Prosecutors said Wolff-Geisler was fired from Econocare in August 2015, after which a financial inspection was preformed. The inspection allegedly revealed numerous suspicious checks were written from the company’s bank account and made payable to Wolff-Geisler. An investigation found about 80 checks were written to Wolff-Geisler with a forged signature of the company’s CEO, prosecutors said.

Wolff-Geisler was arrested Tuesday and appeared in court where her bond was set at $100,000. Her next court date is scheduled for July 6, prosecutors said. If convicted she faces up to 15 years in prison.